When a friend of mine committed suicide in 2009, I felt the need to re-examine my own idea about what life looks like. I quit my work as a graphic designer, left my partner and began to look for a new perspective through the lens of my camera. I searched for images to capture the complexity of life.

Images of scars form a red thread through Unravelled. Scars depict the passing of time and the messiness of owning a living, powerful and vulnerable body. So often we are expected to hide them. But they are emblems of personal history. They can be brutal marks of tragedy or hard won medals of honour – they are always signs of life.

Unravelled tells an existential story about loss and hope. I wanted to register the complex beauty and strength to be found where life truly hurts. Subjects were sourced through Facebook and the project includes images of my daughter, my mother and myself.

Unravelled was published by Dewi Lewis in 2014.